Sunday, February 12, 2023

What to do with Mastodon and how to do it

​Many new mastodon users migrated from twitter recently. This made me think back to what I used to use twitter for when twitter first started and third-party twitter apps started to appear. There were ups and downs then.

There will be ups and downs with Mastodon.

Things to do with Mastodon 

Go to a conference, convention, show and comment with others about what you see. Hashtags is a convenient way to do this. #WiGardenExpo and #GardenChat is what I picked to try out going to a Garden Expo and commenting about a few things I saw.

It was best to have a bit of text and a picture for places I stopped. I was attending with a couple of other people, so I didn’t have unlimited time for each stop.

I wanted to make sure there were alt tags for pictures. I sometimes forgot to add tags for a posting, so being able to edit a posting was a welcome option. I wasn’t able to figure out how to edit from every app I tried.

The client applications are young, and have frequent updates, so if a feature isn’t currently available it may show up in a future update.

I could post pictures by selecting from my local album. I like to also be able to copy a picture and paste it into a posting. One of the applications I was using had a temporary bug, where it pasted a link to the picture on the local device, instead of an actual picture. I believe that has been fixed now. As I said, the applications are not yet mature, there will be changes.

I will add more on specific applications. I need to have separate lists for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Web Browser.

I tend to do most of my mastodon posting and reading from iOS, as that is the device I have with me.

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