Sunday, February 13, 2011

old notes git

listing git branches.
git branch -a

20 Jan 2009

Fix git “Not currently on any branch” Problem

This is quite geeky (goodies linked later :), but I want to post so I can find this fix later and because I didn’t see a whole lot of others posting about this problem, so others may find it useful as well.

I did a
git svn rebase
To update a local repo with changes from the master svn repository.

There was a conflict, and after resolving I ended up in the “Not currently on any branch” state.

To resolve,
git commit -a -m “commit merge with svn to head”
git checkout -b merged_with_svn
git checkout original_branch
git merge merged_with_svn

Hopefully someone else will find this useful. Otherwise, fear not—goodies!